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Unique placement ideas for flower arrangements in your home

by webdev

March 05, 2014

Unique Placement Ideas for Flower Arrangements in your Home

Many people have indoor plants in their homes, yet fresh-cut flowers aren't as sought after for everyday decor. Even though blooms don't last as long as their potted counterparts, they make such a big impact in the look and feel of your home - so you should incorporate them into your pad from time to time. If you need more inspiration as to where to place your arrangements, check out these tips:

Home office

Nowadays, tons of people are working from home on a part- or full-time basis. One of the most common complaints about a traditional office setting is the lack of color and natural elements. The good news is that with your home-based workplace you have full control on the design, so incorporate a fresh-cut flower arrangement every now and then. Use the colors, shapes and scent of the blooms to inspire you in your work.

Springtime blooms - Seasonal changes - especially from winter to spring - represent an exciting time. Bring the wealth of spring into your home with a prairie-style arrangement. Right next to your work space you can view yellow roses, pink carnations, pink asters and white alstroemerias to help keep your energy levels up.

Kitchen island

Many people place bowls of fruit on their kitchen islands, making a fresh flower arrangement a natural pairing. From your cabinets and shelving to pots and flatware, there is so much already going on in the design of this room. So when choosing the right arrangement you want to keep things subtle so the blooms complement, rather than compete with, the rest of the components in your kitchen.

Monochromatic arrangement - A one-color arrangement really makes the hue more impactful. For an understated option, select white flowers like tulips, Asiatic lilies, carnations and button spray chrysanthemums.

Entertainment center

You can transform your TV-watching experience by adding a natural component. Place an arrangement on your entertainment center or on a table near your TV so you take in a bit of nature as you watch your favorite movies and shows.

Greenery - Choose an arrangement with a mix of greenery with the flowers. A vase full of yellow blooms would work well because they symbolize the sun. Opt for a clear vase so it blends into the background.

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