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Unique flower blooms after five years

by webdev

January 25, 2011

A very special kind of flower that takes years to grow and then only opens up for a single day recently bloomed in the Cairns Botanical Gardens of Sydney, Australia, according to The Australian Associated Press.

Known as the titan arum tuber, this bud can grow up to three meters (9.84 feet) and emits a strange, meaty smell during the bloom. Steven Jackson, who tends the garden's nurseries, compared the strange flower to a sculpture.

"I've been in the game since 1975 and nature never ceases to amaze me so to be here and witness the growing of something like that has just been the pinnacle of my career," he told the news provider.

Thousands flocked to the gardens to witness the event and many are sure to feel inspired to send exotic flowers & bouquets to commemorate the memorable occasion. There are two titan arum tubers there - "Spud" and "Hannibal" - but only "Spud" bloomed. The foliage lasted for 24 hours.

The Botanic Gardens Trust website states that the flower is the largest in the world and the tuber can weigh up to 220 pounds. These plants initially blooms at night and the flower is so hot that it steams during the process.


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