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Tropical plants for your home

by webdev

December 23, 2010

When cold temperatures arrive, any warmth is welcome, but all the poinsettias in the world can sometimes only serve to reinforce the fact that it's winter. Those who are interested in bringing a piece of summer home this season may consider sprucing up their interiors with a few tropical plants.

According to, there are some tropical plants that can do just fine growing indoors, even without a greenhouse. Certain hybrids of climbing or shrubby epiphytes can be grown indoors and will bring the tropics home.

Of these, the hardiest is the Anthurium scherzerianum, or flamingo flower, which features long, waxy bright red flowers. There's a white, green and pink variety of the flamingo flower as well, and they don't require very much light, the website reports. The Anthurium andreanum, or oilcloth flower, boasts heart-shaped foliage and a pursed-looking bloom.

Anthuriums are actually the longest-lasting tropical flowers, blooming from 7 to 14 days, according to The next in the line of longevity is the orchid, which can last up to 10 days, and are the easiest to include in a flower arrangement, the website reports.

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