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Top flower choices for Mother's Day

by webdev

April 23, 2013

Mother's Day will be here before you know it. If you've been rushing around trying to think about what to get the woman who you literally owe your life to, you're not alone. In fact, moms tend to be some of the pickiest people around, which is why it might be best to stick to an equation that always works - sending gorgeous flowers. 

If you really want to let Mom know how much she means to you this year, then you'll need to learn the optimal flowers, color schemes and more that will prove that you think she's a star. Here's a list of choices she's sure to be impressed with:

Pretty in pink
Mothers are the ultimate ladies, meaning pink blooms this Mother's Day are sure to fit the bill. According to the Cedar County Republican, many gorgeous flowers come in shades of pink so you have ample options to choose from.

Some of the most popular pink blossoms include traditional roses, peonies (which are in season currently) and gorgeous hybrid orchids.  

Garden Guides website reports peonies represent happiness, life, prosperity and good fortune, making a collection of these flowers a great choice for Mom. Plus, the pretty flowers boast a fresh fragrance that is as lovely as their appearance. 

Embrace elegance
It's not often that Mom gets to enjoy having a day all to herself, so why not help her feel like a queen this May 12? The Cedar County Republic suggests sending your mom a gorgeous arrangement of orchids to help make her day more regal than ever. 

Cymbidium orchids might be the way to go since this variety is beautiful and more importantly, long-lasting. Some people might assume that due to their delicate nature, orchids are hard to care for. However, they simply require watering every 5 days or so and moderate sunlight to thrive.

Teleflora's Celebrate Mom Bouquet
Celebrate Mom Bouquet

Know what to look for with online shopping
If you know you won't have time to head to the local florist before Mother's Day, sending your mom a gorgeous bouquet for Mother's Day through sites like is the best option. A great feature of online florists is that you're able to select a set of flowers you like and the vase they'll arrive in - a one-stop shopping experience. 

Selecting a gorgeous collection and an equally stunning vase will not only make your life easier, it will also ensure Mom doesn't have to do anything like search for a storage container for the flowers when they arrive on her special day.

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