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Preserve flowers by pressing

by webdev

February 25, 2011

By now, many people who have received Valentine's Day flowers are watching their beautiful blossoms begin to wilt, even if they have employed all of the preservation tricks in the book. However, there's no reason to despair - it just means that one has the opportunity to creatively use their flowers to decorate and personalize their belongings.

It all starts with pressing the flowers so that they can last as long as possible. One can actually create their own flower press with a few squares of plywood, some screws, wingnuts and a piece of cardboard, according to The Scope.

Make sure the pressure is even when the press comes down on top of the buds and then leave them there for 30 days. After that, one can use the beautiful colors of these plants for whatever they wish.

The news source suggests that pressed flowers can add a vibrant and unique touch to a bookmark, a distinctive style to a picture frame, or a fun and colorful border to writing paper.

Those who are looking to keep their dozen red roses as fresh as possible may also want to keep their buds away from drafty windows and cut a half-inch off the stems each day, according to The Daily New Canaan.

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