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Orchids are a unique spin on Valentine's Day flowers

by webdev

January 25, 2012

Everyone thinks their sweetheart has that unique quality about them that makes them stand out as special. For some people, their loved one's outside-the-box tastes when it comes to clothing or design is what makes them so enthralling.

If your sweetie falls into this category, he or she may not be into the whole idea of Valentine's Day roses. While the heart motifs of Teleflora's Heart and Soul arrangement or Sweet Thoughts Bouquet with Red Roses may be delightful to some people, others may feel sickened by their sweetness.

For people who fall into the less-is-more category, orchids for Valentine's Day might be the best floral route to take. Orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength, which may just be the perfect message to send to your Valentine. The ancient Greeks associated this bloom with virility, so they may also be the perfect gift for a boyfriend or husband.

An arrangement like Teleflora's Secret Oasis has a unique, simplistic style that is not overtly Valentine's-looking. Zen Artistry is another floral arrangement that it elegant and thoughtful without being too traditional. 

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