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Make mom the center of attention May 12

by webdev

May 02, 2013

Moms should be toasted every day of the year since they work so hard to ensure everyone else in the family is well taken care of. Even if you tell your wife or mom how great she is on a daily basis, showering her with tons of affection and a few gifts on May 12 is sure to impress her. If you're looking for a great plan for Mother's Day, surprising her might be the best way to go. 

Breakfast in bed
Perhaps the best way to start Mother's Day off right is to spoil Mom with breakfast in bed. Have the kids think of a few tasty meals such as pancakes with fresh berries or eggs Benedict and then head to the store while your wife is out to get all of the necessary ingredients. 

On the morning of May 12, send the kids up with a little homemade note and even a couple fresh flowers. Have the note read something like, "Stay in bed, surprises ahead," to ensure Mom won't get up before breakfast. 

Thoughtful gifts
Though presents are great, sometimes gifts from the heart are even more meaningful. According to the experts at SheKnows, having the whole family come up with a "List of Love" that details why each person loves Mom might start the waterworks. 

Purchasing a pretty leather-bound notebook and writing one love message on each page could make the gift even more special. Try to have the kids get very specific, such as writing they love a certain dish Mom makes, to really show her how much the children appreciate all she does for them.

Gifting Mom with a gorgeous bouquet of her favorite flowers is another sweet gesture. She'll love the fact that she can look at and smell the pretty blooms and relish in the fact that she's surrounded by so much love.

Spa at home
Since Moms work so hard day in and day out, it could be a great idea to set up a sort of spa retreat at home. You could set up tons of candles and pick up soothing oils and a bubble bath product to let her relax and take a soothing soak in peace. 

On the same note, you could also decide to offer your wife a trip to an actual spa where she can get fully pampered and treated like a queen. 

Mother's Day Flowers
Mother's Day bouquet

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