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Jasmine used in culinary schools

by webdev

December 30, 2010

Culinary schools across the nation are highlighting the use of the jasmine flower in their recipes, creating fragrant floral dishes and inventing additional uses for the scented bloom.

Jasmine is most popular for the fragrance it can lend to rice, making jasmine rice one of the top go-to grains around the world, ADI News reports.

The flower can also be reduced down to an essential oil, making it easy to incorporate into many inventive dishes and featuring as a staple in Thai cuisine.

Additionally, jasmine blooms have similar properties to baking soda in that they can be used to absorb odors in the fridge. This use of the flower has been popularized by culinary schools, where onions are also used for a similar purpose, according to the news source.

Jasmines also are a popular feature among wedding florists and can make a wonderful potted plants for their heady fragrance. According to, the tropical flowers are capable of blooming in the dead of winter provided they're kept in a warm environment.

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