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How to prepare your garden for the winter

by webdev

September 29, 2011

In getting your garden ready for the winter months, you are essentially preparing it for hibernation. To do this, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that the icy temperatures don't kill or harm your plants permanently.

Fall is the perfect time to clear out blackened stems and foliage of your annuals and vegetables, according to Better Homes & Gardens. In doing this, you are preventing the possibility of these dead limbs passing holding diseases, pathogens and insect eggs over the colder months. The cool weather is also a good opportunity to dig and box raised beds, make general repairs to the garden structures or build a cold frame for particularly sensitive plants.

Now is also the time to mulch the garden to protect your plants' roots. The news source recommends mulching perennial and shrub beds with pine needles or chopped leaves, which will protect root and the soil, moderating the effects of the extreme temperature changes that are to come.

Now that the garden is "put to bed," embrace the opportunities for indoor plants. House plants beautify the home while also providing oxygen to the air inside.

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