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How to make a bird-friendly winter wreath

by webdev

December 28, 2010

For those who can't understand where the berries and figs went on their fresh Christmas wreaths are disappearing to, the answer may lie with our feathered friends, and the option is ours whether to fight or befriend their choosy appetites.

Flower enthusiasts can buy flowers online for winter wreaths especially designed to attract birds, creating a backyard space that's not only graced with floral charm but the presence of several winged creatures as well.

According to, birds will look for food in any place they can when their normal diet becomes scarce in the winter, so pods and berries in hanging wreaths easily become fair game. The news source recommends adding seeds and peanut butter to wreaths to turn your ornament into a bird feeder as well.

To optimize your arrangement even further, work bird-attracting blooms into the wreath, such as sunflowers, larkspur, goldenrod, cockscomb, aster and cosmos. Flowers such as these that generally produce large quantities of seeds will attract many common bird species and will adapt well to spring or summer gardens, suggests.

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