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How to keep Hanukkah traditions alive

by webdev

December 13, 2012

Hanukkah is in full swing and for many youngsters, the best part of this eight-day holiday is the presents they receive each night. Even though gifts are involved in the holiday, they are not meant to be the main focus. Instead, parents should try to instill the important traditions and messages of Hanukkah. Here are three fun traditions your children may be able to embrace.

Importance of the Menorah
Perhaps one of the most important features of Hanukkah is the lighting of the Menorah. One candle is lit on the Menorah each night of the holiday to represent how long the Menorah stayed burning at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem even though it only had enough oil to burn for one night. The ninth candle on the Menorah is lit each night and is called the shamash.

Dreidel playing
Playing dreidel may seem like a simple game to kids these days, yet the four-sided spinning top has more meaning. Each side has a Hebrew letter and in English the letters represent the phrase "A Great Miracle Happened There," referring to the Menorah that burned for eight days.

Traditional food and decor
Since the holiday surrounds the use of oil burning, many families opt to have either baked or fried food to represent the event. Potato latkes are among the most traditional of foods eaten. Even though the holiday represents a momentous occasion, you may still want to enhance your space with blue and white to represent the colors on Israel's flag. Hanukkah floral decorations like Teleflora's Peace & Joy Bouquet is sure to impress as the mix of white flowers is gorgeous and comes in a stunning, modern mirrored silver cube.

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