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How to Keep a Bouquet Fresh

by webdev

August 18, 2011

A gift of flowers is one of the best to give, and to receive. Whether a vibrant bouquet of tropical flowers from a friend or a romantic arrangement of roses from a spouse, floral arrangements have the ability to brighten our rooms and moods.

That is why it is important to keep them fresh and gorgeous for as long as possible. According to Martha Stewart, the first step to a long-lasting bouquet is a clean vase. Scrub the receptacle with a mixture of one part bleach to 10 parts water and rinse well, she writes on her website.

If the flowers come in a vase of water, the work is mostly done. Check to make sure all the stems are in the water, and if not, refill the vase and cut a bit off the end of each stem so they can drink easily, MSNBC reports.

Change the water in the vase every day, the news source recommends. The vase should be refilled with lukewarm water and mixed with professional freshener that comes with the bouquet. This powder works to feed the flowers and slow the growth of bacteria.

Keep the bouquet away from heat from the sun, stove or TV, and away from the fruit bowl. Fruit gives off ethylene gas, which makes flowers deteriorate faster.

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