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How to deadhead flowers

by webdev

October 20, 2011

Deadheading flowers is the process of removing blooms that are past their prime from a flowering plant. This process is an important step in gardening, as it conserves the plant's energy by preventing it from setting seed, according to Gardener's World magazine.

Outdoor and indoor plants can benefit from deadheading, but you can extend the life of bedding plants by deadheading them daily. This extends the life of the plant and encourages it to continue producing flowers.

For flowers like marigolds or chrysanthemums, simply pinch the dead flower off the stem with your fingers. You can also use scissors or florists snips, according to the source. Roses that grow in clusters should be deadheaded regularly so the energy of the plant can be properly channeled into other flower buds that need to bloom. Cut off each flower when petals begin to fall, the publication suggests.

The tips of the stalks of lilies and other bulbs will need to be trimmed as soon as the flowers begin to fade. The rest of the stem will die naturally, giving the plant food to bloom next year. 


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