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Hosting an at-home Mardi Gras party

by webdev

March 01, 2011

While New Orleans, Louisiana, has become the official capital of Mardis Gras for many, that doesn't mean that homeowners can't choose to celebrate this March 8 date in the comfort of their living space. In fact, with a few different touches, one can have a great party for guests and family alike.

For a quirky touch, one may want to consider starting off the decorations with flowers. One popular hue for Mardi Gras is generally purple, which means that one may want to find violet flowers to order.

FOX 10 TV reports that some of the most beautiful flowers that have this distinctive shade are orchids, lavender, iris, wisteria, hibiscus and heathers. It can't hurt to spice things up, either, so try to add some bright greens and vibrant yellows as well. That means looking around for chrysanthemums, buttercups, daffodils, dandelions and carnations.

The container for these blossoms shouldn't be an everyday jar either. Try to find something a little more flashy, in honor of the holiday. This could be something like a gold vase or even an ornate box that one can fill with water.

A special idea that the news source suggests is putting some water into the container and then splashing some glittering beads and a Mardi Gras mask in with the flowers as well.

If this seems a little intimidating, why not dress up the plants around the house with a similar outfit? These buds can be a living symbol of the celebration and are easy to incorporate into the rest of the party.

Guests might want to start dressing up in costume, too, so be sure to specify whether one should come in normal attire or dressed up with a mask and a sparkling outfit. If hosts still want to include other decorations, try hanging streamers from the ceiling, which may be a great way to complement the natural glow of the flowers.

The party should, of course, include food and drink as well. Drinks for Mardi Gras can be anything from cocktails to beers to water, but there are some traditional dishes that homeowners may want to try cooking.

Fried fish, crab cakes and crawfish are all staples of a Mardi Gras dinner, according to To really incorporate all the official New Orleans flavor, one may want to consider cooking a jambalaya classique, which offers shrimp, fish and andouille in one delicious stew.


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