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Flowers that smell as pretty as they look

by webdev

April 08, 2013

When it comes to flowers, not all are created equally in terms of smelling as beautiful as they look. In fact, many gorgeous blooms can actually have a more pungent scent than a fresh one. If you're looking to send a beautiful floral arrangement to a loved one, it might be nice to learn which blossoms smell the best. Here are a few of the top smelling blooms to consider planting in your garden, or getting in a bouquet:

The gardenia is a well-known flower, specifically for its delicious fragrance. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, the blooms are some of the top flowers used to make perfume, meaning it's a real winner in boosting the scent in or outside your home. 

An added bonus? The flowers can easily flourish in a garden or planted in your home, so you can enjoy its fragrance all year long. 

Oriental Lily
The next flower to consider is as beautiful as it smells. The fragrant Oriental Lily comes in various colors and shapes, with new hybrid varieties coming out all the time. The "Star Gazer" option is perhaps one of the most famous - both for its stunning colors of hot pink, yellow, white and sunset orange and its room-filling scent. 

The experts at the publication report just few of these plants can enhance the smell of your entire garden and yard. Oriental Lilies are known to bloom in the mid to late summer and are great options for using in a bouquet to enhance the smell of any room in the home. 

Sweet alyssum
This pretty smelling bloom backs a big smell in a little punch. TLC reports the sweet alyssum consists of clusters of dainty white blooms with yellow centers, and even though the flowers are tiny, their smell is fragrant and fresh. Not only are these flowers fabulously scented and adorable to look at, they're also fairly easy to grow.

TLC flower gurus report the seeds are able to be sown uncovered directly in the ground as soon as the dirt begins to thaw. You could also opt to grow them in planters in order to have them flourish in window boxes or on your steps to ensure guests enter you home with a sweet fragrance.

Other blooms that smell as good as they look include wisteria, sweet pea, garden phlox, hyacinth and iris.

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Fragrant lily and roses bouquet

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