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Flowers in UK show record losses

by webdev

October 29, 2010

Scientists in the United Kingdom have found that certain species of wildflowers such as poppies are vanishing, reports The Telegraph.

Researchers from the Center for Hydrology and Ecology who studied 500 plots of land recorded a loss of certain wildflower species as a result of run-off farms and nitrogen factory activity.

The landscapes were studied over a period of 17 years and included edges of farms, land adjacent to streams and the bottoms of people's gardens.

Among the flowers lost were beneficial weeds that sustain nectar-feeding insect populations. The suffering populations included poppies, willow herbs and forget-me-nots.

Butterflies and bees rely on a variety of plants to provide them with a diverse diet that is necessary for their sustenance. The pollinators especially need their nectar after agricultural plants have been harvested.

Losing the plants may have an effect on the country's agricultural system. "Pollinating insects are vital to our existence, helping to provide the food on our tables," Lindsay Maskell, a vegetation scientist at CEH, told the news source.

The golden poppy is California's state flower, according to The Flower Expert. The tiny, yellow and orange colored flowers cover the state from February to September.


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