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Flowers are big business in India

by webdev

January 20, 2011

One of India's booming businesses during the winter is found in flower shops that deliver. From the United Kingdom to Germany to France, Bangalore is sending flowers abroad so that people can enjoy them around the world.

"From December to February, our orders go up. The Europeans want it for Christmas, New Year celebrations and Valentine's Day. That's when there's heavy snowfall there and flower cultivation becomes difficult," assistant director of the department of horticulture Soujanya Praveen told The Times of India.

She added that red and yellow roses are especially popular during occasions such as Mother's Day, because these buds symbolize love and happiness, respectively. Many customers who are ordering flowers to send select the beloved blossoms - roses account for 80 percent of all the exports.

However, there are also new countries that are supplying Europe with flowers, namely Kenya and Ethiopia.

Those who are looking to celebrate an occasion or show their love for a special someone may not have to restrict themselves to roses - a Rutgers University study found that just giving a person a flower can significantly boost their mood, Rutgers Magazine reports.


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