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Flower painter Van Gogh's surprising portrait

by webdev

June 22, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh may be best known for his paintings of summer flowers such as sunflowers and other festive bouquets. Many of his paintings that weren't summer flower arrangements were self portraits, but there were no known depictions of his brother in any of his work - until now. According to The Telegraph, experts believe a painting made in 1887 that was believed to be a self-portrait is actually a painting of Van Gogh's brother, Theo.

Theo supported Vincent throughout his life, and the two were very close. They lived together in Paris in the year the painting was created. "People have often thought it was funny that there were no portraits of Theo, given that they were so close," spokeswoman Linda Snoek told the news source.

The new painting is believed to be a companion piece to a self-portrait, and because Vincent and Theo looked so much alike, no one in the art world had realized that the two men in the photos were actually separate people.

Those who are interest in Van Gogh may want to consider bringing some of the flowers he painted into their own home. One of his most famous paintings, Flower Beds in Holland, likely depicts tulips.

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