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Flower crafts make perfect Mother's Day gifts

by webdev

April 17, 2013

Mother's Day is less than a month away, meaning husbands' and children need to start thinking about the perfect presents for their special ladies. If you're not sure what to gift your loved one with this May 12, why not consider crafting something out of flowers? Not only will a homemade gift show mom you care, but flowers are always a gorgeous and meaningful gesture. 

Dried flower candles
A great way to show mom how special she is all year round is to make a few dried flower candles that she can proudly display around the home. According to Country Living magazine, you'll need 2 pounds of kitty litter, fresh or dried flowers, 1 basic molded candle, craft glue and 1.5 pounds of dip-and-carve or paraffin wax.

Begin by gathering a few flowers - pansies and violets work best - and place them on a cookie sheet covered with the litter. Add more kitty litter on top and then leave the tray in a cool, dry place to speed up the drying out process - it will take about a week. When the flowers are ready, place them on a sheet of paper in a pattern or design you like for the candles. From here, dab a bit of glue on the flowers and then apply them directly to the candle. For the final step, melt the wax to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and then dip the candle, while holding the wick, directly into the wax, securing the flowers in place for five seconds. Feel free to double dip and then leave the candle to dry for at least 2 hours. 

Beaded vase
A great project for the kids is to craft a gorgeous beaded vase that their mom can use to show off gorgeous flowers throughout the year. To create this fancy vase, you'll need mason or other glass jars, elastic string and crystal beads in mom's favorite colors.

Have the children make strands of beads with the elastic string and the unique creations to cover up the glass jars entirely. Tip: If the beaded strands aren't securing well to the jars, grab a hot glue gun and use it to help keep the strands in place. When the jars are complete, let the kids either  order mom a special bouquet of flowers or head to the local nursery to pick out a few fresh blooms that will sparkle in the homemade vases. 

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