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Accent a Texas Thanksgiving with fall flowers

by webdev

November 23, 2011

Whether you live in Texas or not, it can be fun to take a Western spin on the traditional holiday. According to HGTV, Texans celebrate Thanksgiving their own way based on the crops that are prevalent there, as well as the state's own history.

While the Thanksgiving story of the pilgrims coming to Massachusetts and being greeted by Native Americans is the most popular, Texas had its own version of this story nearly 18 years before, according to the news source. Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was leading an expedition in the area in 1541 when he ran into a friendly tribe of Natives who fed and helped his troops accomplish their mission.

Now, a Thanksgiving meal in Texas is filled with local produce like sweet potatoes, turkey, corn and squash. Some Texans celebrate outdoors, but others have elegant indoor dinners with fine china and elaborate Thanksgiving centerpieces like the Family Gathering Centerpiece.

Even a simple rendition of a Texas Thanksgiving can be improved with an arrangement of Thanksgiving flowers like the Graceful Glow Centerpiece or the Pretty Pumpkin Bouquet.  


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