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8 Manly Flower Ideas for Dad this Father's Day

by webdev

June 09, 2014

8 Manly Flower Ideas for Dad this Father's Day

Let's dive into the age-old question: What do you get a man who has everything? That's a challenge that faces many of us on Father's Day as we scramble to find a thoughtful gift for the man who already has a shop full of tools, shelves stacked with books and a bar full of single malt Scotch. Dad deserves a show of appreciation. After all, he is the guy that raised you, and those tuition bills aren't just magically going to pay themselves. Though it might seem unorthodox, flowers might be the perfect gift to show your dad just how grateful you are for all his hard work. Here are eight ideas to get you started:

1. Money TreeThis plant is a great way to pay your dad back for all the money he's spent on you over the years. In the art of feng shui, the money tree is supposed to attract wealth and prosperity. It will fit easily in a work office or at home. The money tree is easy to care for and will help your father grow back some of that hard-earned green!

2. OrchidA tall, blooming orchid is the way to go when giving your dad this plant as a gift. Seedlings can take years to flower, putting even your father's patience to the test. Orchids are a great plant for mom as well. And as we all know, a happy mom a happy dad makes.

3. Cactus: A prickly cactus can handle harsh weather conditions and doesn't require regular attention. For the dad that wants to spruce up his office or study but doesn't have time to water a plant everyday, a cactus might just be the ticket.

4. Snapdragons: These flowers are a great long-term gift for dad. He can plant them in the garden and these cool-season annuals will come back year after year. They bloom in spring, so your dad will be able to pick a dozen just in time for Mother's Day. 

5. Venus Flytrap: Is your dad the type of guy who likes to grill out on the patio? Does he spend hours outdoors doing yard work? The Venus flytrap will likely make his time on the lawn a bit more enjoyable. This carnivorous plant will catch some of those small, pesky insects that bug dad while he mows the lawn or enjoys a meal alfresco. The Venus flytrap is also fun to watch as it captures prey!

6. A baseball vaseFor the dad that likes to get home from a long day of work and watch the ball game, a baseball vase will add some extra themed decor for the TV room. Throw in a six pack of beer and some cracker jacks to give him the whole ballpark experience.

7. Herbs: So you got dad a Venus flytrap already and all the bugs are gone. Now what? Buy dad some fresh rosemary or basil so he has seasoning for his meat and potatoes. Rosemary is an easy plant to grow that will give dad a perfect garnish for his grilled cuts of meat. Herbs such as oregano, thyme, chives and parsley are other options.

lucky bamboo plant

8. Good Luck BambooSimilar to the cactus, this is a great gift for the dad who doesn't have a lot of time to care for plants. Lucky bamboo can flourish in most climates and can survive being watered too much or too little. It is considered to bring especially good fortune if it is presented as a gift. This plant goes great alongside the money tree, helping to provide dad with a year of good luck, wealth and prosperity.

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