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2013 Philadelphia Flower Show is fit for the Queen

by webdev

March 05, 2013

The annual Philadelphia Flower Show is almost here, and this year's theme is worthy of the Queen's attention. This is because this year's show is an ode to England - from its fabulous gardens to its monuments. Visitors of the show are sure to feel as though they're roaming the streets of London. The Philadelphia Public Record reports the annual show, run by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) is perhaps the largest flower show in the nation, forcing planners to pull out all the stops. 

This year's show, appropriately titled "Brilliant!," will take place inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center and will feature the top names in landscape design and floristry.

Brilliant!, which runs from March 2 through March 10, will focus on the gorgeous landscapes and iconic images Americans have learned to idolize from their neighbors across the pond. 

"This will be a flower show that celebrates Britain's amazing landscapes and cultural icons, as well as the city that has become the design capital of the world," Drew Becher, president of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society told the publication. "It will also lift up the British passion for gardening, which has contributed so much to the appreciation of horticulture and its role in our lives."

Aside from showcasing the top florists around the nation, the show will also feature commentary from British experts and landscape designers. A special presentation put on by Mark Lane, the gardens manager for Buckingham Palace, will be one of the highlights of the show, the news source reports. 

According to the PHS's official website, the nonprofit group was founded in 1827 and offers a variety of programs, activities and workshops for gardeners of all abilities to learn about the wonders of the the activity. The annual flower show helps raise money to put toward future PHS endeavors.

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